Build healthy sleepy habits, learn skills to relax and tackle a busy mind, and reset sleep without the confusion and overwhelm.

As a parent, you will gain the knowledge, strategies, and confidence to support your teen in addressing insomnia without falling into common traps and wasting time searching for solutions.

By the end of the program,

your teen will have…

  • A clear understanding of what's driving the problem using the DECODE Framework
  • Defined the powerful reasons why better sleep matters to them
  • Build effective routines (evening, bedtime, wake-up, morning)
  • Built a toolkit of strategies to wind-down, wake up on time, and manage fatigue
  • Established a simple and quick practice to address stress and a busy mind
  • Reset their sleep so that they can get out of the vicious cycle of insomnia and exhaustion
  • Created a relapse prevention plan

By the end of this program,

as a parent, you will have…

  • Learned alongside your teen so that you can best support them (and sleep better yourself!)
  • Set up a better sleep environment for the entire household
  • Learned how to better navigate the trickiest interactions around sleep and devices 
  • Learned principles, frameworks, and strategies to better support your teen in making future changes 



By the end of this module, you and your teen will 

  • 6 tips to get the most out of the program
Module 1


By the end of this module, you and your teen will have

  • A clear understanding of what’s driving the sleep problem using DECODE Framework
  • An understanding of why the teen years are a perfect storm for insomnia and sleep timing issues
  • Insight into the 4 powerful barriers that block your teen from taking action
  • Clear direction on the best, most direct way to get sleep on track (i.e. the roadmap)
Module 2


By the end of this module, you and your teen will have

  • Learned how to avoid the most common insomnia trap
  • Set up a Cozy Nook so that your teen can stop defaulting back into their bed
  • Set up a Sleep Kit so that your teen can stop defaulting to their phone (and other devices)
  • Optimized light for better sleep
  • Tackled other low-hanging fruit
Module 3


By the end of this module, you and your teen will have

  • Defined goals for the program
  • Defined the powerful reasons why better sleep is important to them
  • Established a North Star to help guide them through the program 
Module 4


By the end of this module, you and your teen will have

  • Learned about the power of routines and habits
  • Put the trickiest moments on autopilot (i.e. waking up, the morning, being ready for sleep on time, winding down for sleep)
Module 5


By the end of this module, you and your teen will have

  • Learned strategies to respond to stress and overwhelm at bedtime
  • Learned how to address a busy mind
  • Learned how to refocus onto more helpful thoughts
  • Learned how to get distance from sticky thoughts and feelings
  • Created a simple Can't Sleep Plan
Module 6


By the end of this module, you and your teen will have

  • Learned how to complete the 30 second DECODE Sleep Logs
  • An introduction to the Reset
  • Set themselves up to succeed with the Reset
  • Ensured your teen is ready to hit the ground running with the Reset Readiness Checklist  
Module 7


By the end of this module, you and your teen will have

  • Set up the Reset to address the powerful DECODE factors keeping them stuck in insomnia and exhaustion
  • Learned how to troubleshoot the Reset
  • Learned how to make adjustments to the Reset 
Module 8


By the end of this module, you and your teen will have

  • Reviewed and celebrated wins
  • Learned how to find a happy medium after the Reset
  • Learned how to prevent future sleep problems
  • Created a solid plan for when sleep gets derailed


  • Access to the course portal

  • Printable calendars, logs, worksheets, cheat sheets, and checklists that complement the video lessons

  • Access to workshop bonus Q&As* and access to all past workshop recordings within the portal 

  • Biweekly group Q&As*

*Starting September 2022


How to Help Your Teen Tackle Insomnia

As a parent, you play a critical role in helping your teen navigate the ‘perfect storm’ for insomnia in adolescence.  In this workshop, you’ll learn how to best support your teen through DECODE ONLINE.

What's Included

  • A high-level overview of what’s to come for both you and your teen in DECODE ONLINE
  • A discussion about common traps to avoid as a parent 
  • Specific strategies to avoid conflict and navigate tricky moments (waking up for school, putting away devices, and being ready for sleep on time)
  • A Q&A period 

How to Stay Connected to Your Teen

In this workshop with Dr. Elyse Dubo, a youth psychiatrist and mother of three daughters in their teens and young adult years, you will learn strategies to maintain a connected relationship through the rocky teen years.

What's Included:

  • The two key ingredients required for a strong relationship with your teen
  • Tips, tricks and strategies to foster connection with your teen

  • How to navigate difficult situations while staying connected to you teen

  •  A Q&A

How to Relax and Find Quiet

In this workshop with relaxation teacher Dani Kraftchuk, you and your teen will be introduced to a variety of tools to help find a state of rest. 

What's Included:

  • A discussion about common traps and reasons why relaxation tools have not been helpful in the past

  • A sample of various relaxation techniques so that your teen can discover what works for them

  • Guidance on how to incorporate these tools into the DECODE Can't Sleep Plan

  •  A Q&A



Includes the LEARN, START and AUTOMATE modules only for 4 months. Bonus workshops Q&As and weekly Q&As are not included. There is the option to upgrade to DECODE ONLINE for $375CAD.




DECODE is the full program and includes 4 month access to all of the modules, workshop bonus Q&As and weekly Q&As.




Learn about financial options and the DECODE Scholarship Program.




Why Start with Sleep?

There are so many reasons why I do this work and why I think sleep is a great place to start even if there are a lot of other things to tackle.

Sleep has a direct, profound, but often underestimated impact on physical and mental health.  Studies have shown that improving sleep alone can improve outcomes in individuals with mood disorders and anxiety.  

Poor sleep and exhaustion can block progress.  This may present in many different ways: 

  • Being unable to attend appointments and access support
  • Being unable to change patterns and habits
  • Being unable to learn new skills  
  • Being unable to stay consistent with taking action

Sleep strategies are straight-forward and highly effective, often producing results in days to weeks if implemented in the right way.   A quick and concrete approach can make all of the difference.

The strategies and frameworks used to address insomnia translate to other areas of life.  Changing sleep involves learning how to get set up to succeed, how to define goals, how to clarify what matters most, how to build routines and habits, how to stop unhelpful habits, how to build habits, how to build skills, and how to troubleshoot.  The skills learned to relax and to respond to unhelpful thoughts related to sleep can also help with mood, anxiety, and emotion regulation concerns.

Finally, it’s a great first win.  Your teen can see that the results of their efforts and this fuels the real game-changers:

confidence, motivation, and hope.