How to Help Teens Tackle Insomnia and Sleep Timing Issues

Help teens get their sleep on track so they have more energy, time, and motivation to work on the other hard stuff with you

At the end of this webinar, you will have

An understanding of why teens can't sleep, the recipe for good sleep, and the 4 reasons it's so hard for teens to sleep better

Using the DECODE Framework, you'll learn what's fuelling insomnia and how the right ingredients need to come together.  We'll cover why sleep hygiene handouts often don't cut it and why it's so hard for teens to take action to get sleep on track.

A toolkit of resources and an understanding of when to refer for additional services

You'll learn where to start with teens, how to integrate the DECODE resources into your work, and when to suggest or refer for additional DECODE services.

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Presented by Dr. Cara Ooi, MD

Dr. Ooi is a sleep physician, youth psychiatrist, and the creator of DECODE ONLINE.  She works with teens to get sleep on track so they have more control, time and energy for the other important stuff.