2. Dr. Cara Ooi and Why Sleep is a Great First Change for Teens

Season #1

Today, you'll get a more in-depth introduction to the DECODE Project Podcast and, this time, I’m the interviewee. My good friend Dr. Vivian Sapirman, a psychiatrist and a mom of teens, interviews me so you can learn more about my story and why I work with teens with insomnia. You’ll also learn more about why sleep is such a powerful place to start, why existing solutions for insomnia don’t typically work for teens, and what I am trying to create with my new program, DECODE ONLINE.

Download all of the DECODE Insomnia parent resources including 5 Tips to Help Your Teen Sleep Better (Even If They're Not Ready Yet) and Tips to Navigate Bedtime & Electronics Struggles cheatsheet.  

Dr. Vivian Sapirman’s Bio:

Dr. Vivan Sapirman is a psychiatrist with expertise in both clinical care and systems improvement. In addition to having a clinical practice in Psychiatry with academic appointment at the University of Toronto, she has expertise in disability management and is the Mental Health Physician Lead at the WSIB. She is also a Medical Advisor at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. She engages in Medical Advisory/Consulting work in various settings and capacities, and provides creative, individualized solutions and assists in bridging the divide between clinical and business/systems drivers. LinkedIn Profile

A Glance at the Episode

>>>2:53: Why I work with teens with insomnia and their parents

>>>7:44: Why I created a podcast

>>>11:59: What are the existing solutions for teen insomnia and why don’t they work?

>>>16:50: What are common traps parents fall into?

>>>20:36: The First Pancake Principle

>>>24:16: What is DECODE ONLINE?

>>>34:02: Who is this podcast for? Why listen?  

>>>40:31: One potential solution for a system that is not enough

About The DECODE Project Podcast

In the DECODE Project Podcast, sleep physician and youth psychiatrist Dr. Cara Ooi speaks to parents, youth, and other experts about what really moves the dial on change during the tricky teen years.  Learn more about the DECODE Project and resources by visiting decodeinsomnia.com or on Instagram @decodeinsomnia.

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