31. 5 Tips to Build Connection with Your Teen (w/ Elyse Dubo, Sheri Turrell, Sara Davidson, Gili Adler Nevo, Randi Young, Amy Gajaria, and Denise Oucharek)

Season #1

In this episode, I summarize the top 5 lessons I've learned from past guests about how to build connection with teens.     

Download all of the DECODE Insomnia parent resources including 5 Tips to Help Your Teen Sleep Better (Even If They're Not Ready Yet) and Tips to Navigate Bedtime & Electronics Struggles cheatsheet.   

Full Episodes Mentioned in This Episode

Ep 3: How to Empower and Stay Connected to Your Teen with Dr. Elyse Dubo

Ep 9: Randi Young and How to Collaborate with Your Teen

Ep 12. Dr. Amy Gajaria and the Art of Waiting for Your Window with Teens

Ep 16: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Teens with Dr. Sheri Turell

Ep 23: Adapting To Meet Teens Where They Are With Performing Artist Denise Oucharek

Ep 24: Connecting & Collaborating with Teens w/ Elite Athlete and Youth Therapist Sara Davidson

Other Resources Mentioned

Books: Staying Connected to Your Teenager, by Michael Riera, PhD | You’re Ruining My Life by Jennifer Kolari, MSW, RSW

Podcasts: Your Teen with Sue and Steph | Parenting Teens with Dr. Cam

Instagram Accounts @parentingteensandtweens | @raisingteenstoday



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