21. Highlights from the First 20 Episodes of the DECODE Project Podcast (Part 2)

Season #1

This is part 2 of my favourite clips from the first 20 episodes of the podcast.  


Listen to the full episodes here:

Ep 8: Manon Doran, the Carbon Almanac, Eco-Anxiety, and Unlocking the Power of Teens to Address Climate Change

Ep 9: Randi Young and How to Collaborate with Your Teen

Ep 10. Motivating Teens to Value Sleep with Dr. Funke Afolabi-Brown

Ep 11. Dr. Marshall Korenblum and the Stages of Adolescence

Ep 12. Dr. Amy Gajaria and the Art of Waiting for Your Window with Teens

Ep 16: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Teens with Dr. Sheri Turell

Ep 18: How to Help Your Teen Relax with Dani Kraftchuk 


About The DECODE Project Podcast

In the DECODE Project Podcast, sleep physician and youth psychiatrist Dr. Cara Ooi speaks to parents, youth, and other experts about what really moves the dial on change during the tricky teen years.  Learn more about the DECODE Project and resources by visiting decodeinsomnia.com or on Instagram @decodeinsomnia

Download all of the DECODE Insomnia parent resources including 5 Tips to Help Your Teen Sleep Better (Even If They're Not Ready Yet) and Tips to Navigate Bedtime & Electronics Struggles cheatsheet.  


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